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Landscape Designs

Landscape Architecture Design

In addition to being highly practical, our custom designed shade sails can be an aesthetically pleasing focal point of architecture. At Urban Shadow, we take great care to incorporate natural and pre-existing elements into the design and installation of our work, creating structures that are in harmony with their surroundings.


Pool Landscaping

A shade sail from Urban Shadow is a fantastic way to add eye-pleasing elements to your outdoor pool. In addition to providing vital protection from UV rays, custom shade sails designed around your outdoor space can add great variety and create an enjoyable ambiance.


Creative Landscapes

Utilizing creative design elements, Urban Shadow can accentuate the natural landscape of any space, providing both shade from the sun and architectural interest with one custom structure. With on-site engineers and designers starting from scratch, there are no limitations to what we can do with a space.


Arizona Landscape Architecture Design

As residents of the state of Arizona, we are privileged to enjoy some of the must unique and naturally beautiful landscapes anywhere. At Urban Shadow, we do not fight these elements, but work within the space we have to create structures that achieve a pleasant dynamic with the surrounding environment.


Landscaping Ideas

At Urban Shadow, we are great listeners and work tirelessly to design a space that is completely in line with expectations. But we also have a fair amount of expertise to bring to the table, and are more than happy to contribute our ideas and thoughts for a project when asked.


Landscaping Around a Patio

As a substitute for traditional and boring patio umbrellas, Urban Shadow can do wonders when designing custom shade sales around a patio space. It is an alternative that is practical, beautiful, and sure to grab positive attention.

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Shade Sail Systems

Landscape Design Ideas

Awnings and shade structures designed by Urban Shadow are able to accommodate existing architectural plans for landscaping around a patio and other landscape designs. Our park designs are among the shade sail industry’s finest, and previous sunshade system projects that have been completed for industrial and commercial buildings rival any in the world.


Swimming Pool Designs

We produce stunning shade sail structures for community and personal lap and swimming pools and spas including planned developments and aquatic centers. View previous works completed in and around the valley of the sun for outdoor landscape designs and above ground pool decks by traveling to the pools page.


Patio Cover Ideas

Shade sails that are engineered and designed by Urban Shadow are great alternatives to traditional outdoor patio covers. With over 40 years of engineering experience, our custom designs are renowned for providing aesthetically pleasing and fully functional shade structure systems for landscaping around a patio on any building or property.

Parking Structures

Large sided sun shade sails are perfect for open lot parking and carports. Sails can be custom built or connected to existing structures to provide an inexpensivealternative to traditional fixed modular structures.

Park Designs and Playground Structures

Provide safety and style to neighborhood parks and playgrounds by choosing a custom built sun shade sail available from Fabric shades combine durability and UV protection, and are an affordable option to ordinary playground structures.


Screen Walls

Screen walls by Urban Shadow are a cost effective structure engineered with style. The screen sails used for the walls are extremely durable and improve functionality compared to traditional wall materials.



Urban Shadow meets urban art by crafting stunning screen sail art creations for numerous types of urban locations. Screen sail artistry is designed from the ground up to match any setting.


Urban Shadow:  Custom Fabric Shade Structures
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